rio rancho carpet re stretch carpet re stretch rio rancho

It may be due to a room being closed up in high temperatures, or over wetting when cleaning. It could even be a result of improper installation. Whatever the reason is, your carpet can ripple and wrinkle. When it does there is a solution in sight. New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning can come out and take care of it for you. This client from Rio Rancho, New Mexico found that out. As you can see from the results in these pictures, the carpet looks so much better after being re-stretched.  Our technician utilizes a power stretcher that will stretch your carpet from one wall to the other. This process will ensure your carpet is properly stretched. When you couple that with a thorough hot water extraction cleaning your carpet will look refreshed and improve the overall appearance of the area. We have the knowledge, equipment and training to provide these services to you. We will give you a free over the phone estimate and can usually schedule your appointment within a couple of days in most instances. What ever your carpet may need, we can help you make that happen. Call New Mexico Carpet Repair and Cleaning today for a more beautiful home tomorrow.